Nutritionist Ivan Katančić is launching individual consultations where he will provide personalized advice for your specific goals and health needs. Part of the proceeds from meal planning will be directed towards humanitarian purposes. Learn how to create meals that empower you and provide energy, schedule menu planning or consultations. The menus are designed to offer you nutritious meals that won't burden your budget.

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O Ivanu:


Ivan Katančić, born in 1985 in Subotica, graduated from the Secondary Chemical School 'Lazar Nešić,' specializing in Biotechnology, and later attended the Higher Vocational School in Subotica, specializing in Professional Nutritionist-Dietitian. He is currently pursuing master's studies in the field of Food Technology. He is engaged as a professional associate at the Secondary Medical School in Subotica, teaching subjects like Nutrition, Bromatology, and Bromatology with Dietetics. Additionally, he volunteers with the Red Cross to support student nutritionist internships.